Great Scapes Nursery is a small family owned and operated nursery and greenhouse located in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Great Scapes Nursery was born in 1992 as an extension of our landscaping business. Today we are dedicated solely to the growing of annuals, perennials and container nursery stock that is sold at our retail location in Mattapoisett as well as to nurseries and garden centers throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Great Scapes Nursery believes in sustainability and the health of our planet. We have been updating our growing practices to reflect our values. We now use rice-hull mulch ­– one of the most sustainable soil amendments available for improving drainage, water holding capacity and aeration. Unlike perlite and other rock products, it does not require mining; unlike peat moss it does not require land disruption to produce it. Rice-hull mulch also eliminates the need for chemical control of weeds in pots. To further reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, we are now using Mycorrhizal Fungi applications which enhance root system growth, nutrient efficiency and better water absorption. Read more about Mycorrhizae here. We re-use pots as much as possible and encourage our customers to return pots (purchased here) to reduce waste.

Great Scapes Nursery will be open daily
10am – 4pm until the end of June* • Closed Mondays

On the chance that the back retail is closed – the front will be open with plants out for sale as self-serve. Cash and Venmo accepted.

*At this time we will be available by appointment only.